International Organizations and Digital Diplomacy
The EU, UN, and NATO on Social Media

Dalhousie University, April 24th 2019

Talks sponsored by the Jean Monnet Chair in Public Diplomacy – Dalhousie University (2018-2021)

  • The EU & Global Ocean Governance (J.-S. Fritz);
  • The Nine Circles of Brexit: a Guided Tour of Britain’s Path out of the EU (I. Cooper)
  • Cannabis & the Canada-EU Trade Agreement: Opportunities & Challenges (D. Dexter)
  • Changing EU Schengen Visa Regime: Biopolitics, Risk Management & Networked Databases (C. Mutlu)
  • EU & Asia-Pacific Relations: an Overview (H. Su)
  • The Economic Impact of Immigrants: What do Europeans Really Think? (Z. Ozkok)